How Love moves things to Rest

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Excellent conversation about Paradiso Canto 1, by Patrick Boyde (University of Cambridge) and John Bruce-Jones (StantonMarris).

Among the many highlights is the idea of the Hermeneutic Circle regarding reading Dante; that one needs to understand the overall picture to understand the elements, but one needs to understand the elements in order to understand the overall picture. Which is what we have sometimes referred to here as the metaphor of “mosaic” in understanding Dante; gradually one learns the smaller pieces and cantos, and then gradually an overall image and world emerges out of the whole Poem.

Another great point in the talk is about the definition of Love as a force that moves things, and that results in a state of rest once the movement (intellectually or physically) is completed. This is a major underlying theme, and force, in the Divine Comedy itself.


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